Phase 2 Research Assessments and Plans

Please upload your Research Assessment and Research Plans to assess your readiness to reopen under Phase 2 of UC Irvine research expansion. Your submission will be reviewed at departmental level, endorsed when meeting departmental standards, and passed to PS Dean’s Office for Authorized approval step. Research may not be expanded above critical research exceptions approvals until Authorized approval is issued in writing. Learn more

Physical Sciences Safety Practices during COVID-19

Please institute relevant safety practices below for all persons entering research spaces and associated common spaces. All participants (i.e. lab supervisors, PIs, graduate students, postdocs, project scientists, researchers, specialists, etc.) will please sign their understanding here before or at next research space entry. A copy of your submission will be sent to you via email. Please place the completed agreement copy in research lab safety files when next entering lab. Registering and signing this safety protocol does NOT give permission to undertake research in Physical Sciences buildings, permission for research must be approved in writing via Physical Sciences in advance. Learn more

Infection Protocol for COVID-19

9/2/20 Laboratory Addendum to UCI's COVID-19 Infection Protocol

The UCI campus has a COVID-19 infection protocol described here.  This protocol does not provide guidance relating to the operation of shared spaces of laboratories and offices occupied by research personnel.  The following is the approved procedure to be followed in such instances. Read more.


7/6/20 Infection Protocol for COVID-19

In the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis by any SofPS faculty, staff or student, the following protocol should be followed. Learn more